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DriverDX founder Angie Ricci owned and operated the largest bus fleet for gaming in Canada when her business slammed on the brakes due to the pandemic.

Covid-19 devastated her carrier company of 25 buses and she was not alone. The American Bus Association saw carriers in the motorcoach industry lose 82.6% of their business in 2020. The industry collapsed and those who survived were soon hit with record-high gas prices and a looming global recession.

Armed with determination and pure grit she pivoted and launched a tech startup through a Silicon Valley-based accelerator and DriverDX was born!

DriverDX connects carriers to commercial drivers instantly. The North American-based startup is solving the commercial driver shortage problem by attracting drivers into the transportation industry by providing better work-life balance for drivers. As a public-benefit company we have a mobile and desktop platform that provides carriers of buses, trucks, and vans a way to easily create trips, select drivers, and manage their fleets.

Looking at the big picture, our team is committed to solving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) like building sustainable cities and communities. At DriverDX, we believe a vibrant supply chain connects nearly every single UN SDG and why driving is an important job worth protecting.

We’ve built a simple end-to-end service solution, providing carriers with the ability to hire talented drivers and keep their fleets moving. That means kids getting to school on-time, food moving from farm to fork, and grandparents making it to their doctor appointments.

Life is complicated. That's why we focus on keeping things simple. It's also why our brand is 1950's inspired, as "The Great Age of American Automobiles" was a simpler time before life was made complicated by phones and social media.

The simplicity of our product design allows us to focus on outstanding customer service (24/7 support), driver flexibility and work-life balance, and a technology that is reliable. Great products don't need fancy bells and whistle (although we do like whistles). Great products need to simply work.

Founded in 2019, we have assembled an experienced team of world-class talent and we are headquartered along the Innovation Corridor in Canada. The fastest growing tech ecosystem in North America.

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We believe drivers, drive the world.

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Ontario Tourism Resiliency Awards award for Innovation in Transportation
Founder Angie Ricci during the launch of Xcelerate

Driven by Drivers

Angie Ricci
Founder & CEO
Chris Adams
Growth Advisor
Sergio Moura
Lead Software Engineer
Jordan Jocius
Matt Rodrigues
Data/Business Advisor
Michael Zelek
Recruitment Advisor
Dinah Davis
Cyber Security / Tech Advisor
CTV News
Founder Institute
Council of Canadian Innovators
Women of Influence
Motor Coach Canada
Ontario Motor Coach Association
Trade Accelerator Program
Travel Industry Today
Village Media
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Key Benefits


Worklife Balance House Picture
Set your own hours and take control of your life as a commercial driver.
Get Paid Fast
Drive Your
Accept trips that value your skills, experience, and certifications.
Flexible Support
Set Your
Work when you want, and where you want. It’s your choice.
Worklife Balance House Picture
Change Up
Your Day
Different carriers, and opportunities. Split your shifts and work where you want.
Get Paid Fast
Carriers pay you directly, no middleman to slow things down, so you get paid faster.
Flexible Support
Easy To
‘All-in-one’ easy to use mobile app for drivers and desktop version for carriers.
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