Connecting carriers to commercial drivers instantly.

The future of work for carriers and drivers of buses, trucks, and vans.

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DriverDX is a mobile app for drivers and desktop platform for carriers

Why DriverDX?

What if there was an easy way to find
a commercial driver anytime you needed, like instantly?

And what if you could do that from anywhere that had internet connection?

What if it was a shared commercial driver pool, unheard of right?
What if you only wanted to use your own company driver pool?

Well it's here, we built the technology to sustain the transportation industry and it's called DriverDX.

So what are you waiting for?
How It Works

3 Steps to a Worry-Free Trip

Create Trip
Easily schedule complex trips for passenger and cargo pick-ups  for bus, trucks and vans.
Select Driver
Search certified drivers motivated to work who get rewards for being professional.
Trip Offer
Manage your fleet in one mobile dashboard with trip history, real-time SMS, and custom reports.

Dispatch Drivers in

Desktop dashboard where you can seamlessly manage and scale your entire driver pool.
“Everybody is talking about work-life balance. So why shouldn't a driver have it too?”
Founder, DriverDX
Key Features

The future of work for carriers and drivers of buses, trucks, and vans.

Drivers can securely upload and store their digital driver file.
2-way rating system where drivers and carriers give each other ratings.
We are here to ensure your trip is worry-free. Just reach out to us, anytime.
Create a trip, choose the perfect driver, and dispatch the trip seamlessly.
Create and keep track of your fleet list real-time from one simple location.
Track your trips in progress, pending, accepted, completed, cancelled, and saved.
Create custom reports based on date, individual drivers, or incidents.
Accept jobs real-time with SMS texts and keep control from your phone.
Drivers easily track earnings and carriers pay directly without a middleperson.

Works with all major US banks

Drivers just need a smart phone.

Drivers in your fleet simply need a mobile phone to track their trip.
Welcome to DriverDX
Client FeedBack

Evergreen is trusted by the best in the business.

Doing driver-supply chain right.

Professional drivers are in demand now, more than ever. We’re here to support the industry by transforming the driver-supply chain.

Founder Angie Ricci during the launch of Xcelerate
Ontario Tourism Resiliency Awards award for Innovation in Transportation
CTV News
Founder Institute
Council of Canadian Innovators
Women of Influence
Motor Coach Canada
Ontario Motor Coach Association
Trade Accelerator Program
Travel Industry Today
Village Media
Xcelerate Her
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