DriverDX Team Showcases Innovative Driver Recruitment Strategies at 2024 Ontario Transportation Expo Conference

DriverDX Founder & CEO Angie Ricci (left) with Lead Developer Sergio Moura (middle) and Marketing team member Jordan Jocius (right) at the 2024 Ontario Transportation Conference on Monday, April 15, 2024.

Toronto, ON - April 15, 2024 - DriverDX, a leading technology platform revolutionizing driver recruitment in the transportation industry, was proud to present alongside industry experts at the Ontario Transportation Expo (OTE) Conference held from April 15th to 17th, 2024, at the Delta Marriott Toronto Airport.

Led by Angie Ricci, Founder & CEO of DriverDX, the team, including Jordan Jocius (Marketing), Sergio Moura (Lead Software Engineer), Matt Rodrigues (Data/Business Advisor), and Michael Zelek (Recruitment Advisor), presented insightful strategies on driver recruitment during the conference, with a special focus on leveraging technology to enhance driver experiences and streamline recruitment processes.

In attendance for the presentation on driver recruitment were dozens of industry attendees from municipal transportation authorities, school bus carriers, and private charter carriers, among others.

Angie Ricci emphasized, "Tech will not take your driver job. Tech will make your life easier. Our DriverDX platform provides tech tools like AI document scanning (fraudulent scanning), online driver recruitment pools, and AI driver matching tools."

Matt Rodrigues elaborated on the platform's approach, stating, "Our goal is to initially align job opportunities with drivers based on their current schedules and skill sets. As we accumulate and analyze more data, we aim to guide carriers on the prime times for driver availability and provide drivers with insights on the most in-demand credentials and peak job availability periods. This strategy evolves to identify preferred driver locations and the primary routes carriers operate, ensuring an efficient match between driver availability and job requirements."

The Ontario Transportation Expo is Canada's largest bus show, celebrating its 25th year in 2024. Organized by the Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA), the Ontario Public Transit Association (OPTA), and School Bus Ontario (SBO), OTE brings together industry leaders, bus operators, suppliers, and government officials to explore growth opportunities and advancements in the busing industry.

DriverDX connects carriers to commercial drivers instantly. The North American based startup is solving the commercial driver shortage problem by attracting drivers back into the transportation industry by providing better work-life balance for drivers. The public-benefit company has a mobile and desktop platform that provides carriers of buses, trucks, and vans a way to easily create trips, select drivers, and manage their fleets.
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